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Sunday, December 20, 2009

How do I win over my impish mind?

Very often, seekers have a question: how can I win over this untamed mind? When I sit for meditation, my mind become engaged in vague thoughts – thoughts about unpaid bills, about some old reminiscence, about a scene from the movie or what not? The chattering of mind never stops.

Well… it is the tendency of the mind to hanker after the subject of interest or from where it thinks it can derive security, peace, pleasure or happiness. So far, your mind is only aware of the posible source of happiness in the outer world.  It is only aware of the outer peace, while remaining ignorant about the ocean of inner peace. Your mind has not tasted the joy of becoming aware of the awareness. So, it is natural for the mind to pull you in the outer world, even when you try to sit in the meditation to focus inward. Because of your ignoranance of the inner world and the inner joy, all your efforts become futile for focusing the mind inwardly.

Also, think about it... your mind is continuously inundated with the information
from the outer world, 24 hours a day, even during dreams. Then, how would it start focusing inward without any motive or without any practice? Your pursuit of true happiness will become very easy and enjoyable, once your mind gain understanding of the inner world and tastes the joy of mediatation. Of course, regular practice will definitely help.

There are two types of mothers: the first kind usually scolds the child to stop licking the fake plastic mango. Such a mother tries to scare him by screaming and by warning him about imminent punishments. However, there is second kind of mother, who brings the true mango and place her hand on the child’s shoulder affectionately and says, “My dear son, please taste this true mango. The fake mango cannot give you true joy as it is fake. It can only give you semblance of joy.” While saying these words, she let the child taste the real mango. Now having tasted the real mango, the child won’t go for licking the forged mango.

Similarly, while dealing with your child like mind, you will have to decide as to what kind of mother you want to be. Long story short, here is a recipe for success for taming the impish mind. Initially, you should be eager to acquire Self knowledge and should have faith in the teachings of the wise men. Then, you should listen to the talks of the wise men for gaining the wisdom of the Self. After listening, you should repeat their words to yourself in solitute and practice control of senses. With this practice, your intellect will become pure and your mind will become calm on its own. It is much easy to tame the calm mind with strong will and strong intellect. After gaining serenity of mind, inner joy starts flowing in your heart. This is the experience of Happy Baba and this is how you too can acquire eternal peace and inner happiness.

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  1. I've heard the term "monkey mind" but never impish mind. Both terms make me think of chattering, noisy, annoying thoughts. I've been a practicing meditator for about 20 years and I still notice those chatterings. The only difference is that I can now ignore them more. I am sharing tools that I've used on my blog. I'd love your feedback. Namaste, Sherry
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