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Friday, November 20, 2009

Challenges: The means of elevation

The worldly hardships and troubles cannot harm you, unless and until you become week from inside and give up. If you have faith in your Self, if you are strong from inside, then outer troubles only helps you to elevate to higher state of equanimity and happiness. However, when you are fearful and discouraged, then you tend to take wrong decisions and in this manner help the troubles to win over you and suppress you.
If your outlook is positive and constructive, then you can step over all the troubles and obstacles of life easily. Not only that, with the right perspective, you can make proper use of these obstacles to

step over them, and rise to become stronger from inside. There is no obstacle in this world that is not meant to elevate you in life. A true devotee looks at the hardships of life as a test or a gift from the loving God and with such outlook, easily overcome them.

Hardships appears to be bringing unhappiness, but in the long run, always proves beneficial for you as they make you strong from within. Just like fire purifies the gold, the hardships are meant to shine you from inside and bring the best out of you. Army recruits are made to go through tough training to prepare them for tough times and to make them stronger. Those whose life is free of hardships, cannot rise in life and become fearless. If you look at the history of mankind, you would find the names of only those people shining who went through a lot of hardships and troubles in life. Such hardships of life didn't even spare the God personified Saints like Jesus, Budha, Shri Rama, Shri Krishna and others....
In this manner, just make proper use of troubles in life by remaining equanimous, fighting it courageously, overcoming the obstacles and move forward towards your goal of higher happiness, the inner happiness.

You encounter failure when you act indiscriminately, without giving proper thought to your ability, interest or your supreme goal. If you encountered failure because of negligence on your part, then you learn a lesson to be more careful next time. However, if you encountered failure in spite of your best efforts, then just have a firm believe that everything happens for good. God have some higher purpose for you. Similarly, if you fall sick because of your negligence with health or indiscriminate eating habits, then you should be more careful about your eating lifestyle, your exercise habits and your sleeping habits in future.

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