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Sunday, June 19, 2016

The supreme secret of true happiness

First of all, let me shed some light on the meaning of true happiness. I am not referring to the momentary and shallow form of day to day happiness. True happiness is the sublime state of mind that is totally peaceful, fulfilled, ever-lasting and blissful. Once you achieve authentic happiness, you are elevated to a higher state of mind where no anxiety, no worry, no sadness, no unhappiness can touch you. You are not impacted by the vagaries of external world because when you find the true ambrosia within your heart, you are not dependent on the external happiness any more.

Well…. you might think that I am sort of becoming philosophical. Such happiness is only talked about in our religious scriptures, after death, in heavens. You may ask if it is possible to realize such a blissful state of mind while living on earth.

The answer is -Yes. Such true happiness can very much be realized while living a worldly life. In fact, the mystics of the east insist that realization of such a true happiness is the supreme goal of human life. Sri Krishna revealed the secret of such true happiness in “Srimad Bhagwad Gita” and made Arjuna experience the same, in the middle of a battle-field. Then, why can’t you and me realize the same inner happiness while living a worldly life, which a few describe as a battle-field of day to day life.

If you are completely involved in the movie, then you will become happy or sad along with the sequence of the story. You tend to forget that it is just a fake tale. Then, how can you truly enjoy a movie? If you realize that you are an un-impacted observer and the movie is not real, then you will remain unaffected by the emotional sequences of the movie and can truly appreciate the movie – you can appreciate the photography, the story, the direction and all other artistic aspects of the movie. Similarly, only by separating yourself from this body and just by being the witness of the world, you can properly appreciate the beauty of the world.

How can a dreamer enjoy the dream without getting anxious? Only when the dreamer wakes up; only when the dreamer realizes that it is just a dream, he can remain unaffected witness of the dream. Similarly, you can find the inner peace and blissfulness by waking up in your true Self and by realizing that this world is nothing, but a dream, a long dream.

The truly happy saints insist that this journey to true happiness is simple, but not easy. You can become truly happy by realizing your own true nature; by exploring the truth about your own true Self; by knowing that you are not just this mortal body or a false ego; by realizing that this world is only an illusion and there is nothing real about it. You have to arouse a passion, a burning passion to realize such a true happiness and then only it will become a reality for you. This is how you can taste the magnificence of true happiness that I am talking about.


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