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Friday, December 31, 2010

Inner strength is true strength

Your body fall prey to the virus or bacterial attack when your immune system is weak and couldn’t fight. You may fall victim to the goons if you are physically weak and lack the ability to protect yourself. Similarly, you become victim to the worries when you lack true wisdom of life. Only those who lack inner strength are troubled by fear, boredom, sadness and depression.

Strength is life, weakness is death. Strength is joy, weakness is distress. No goon can come close to a strong man. Similarly, no feeble thoughts can come close to the true seeker of inner happiness who is on the journey of Self-consciousness. True strength is that which keeps away the goons of fear, jealousy, anger, sadness and worldly passions.

The divine supreme consciousness is lighting in your heart. Just try to realize your essential nature and become aware of your blissful consciousness. Stop falling prey to the momentary pleasures of the world. The desire of worldly pleasures will not let you gain the true wisdom of the Self. Such worldly passions will continue to shield your inner joy and prevent you from gaining inner strength.

Be strong with a strong and shining intellect that is enshrined with true wisdom. No matter how dare the situation is, the seeker of true happiness should keep a balanced and pious mind. Continue to perform your duties and leave the results to the Supreme. Don’t be scared and don’t scare others. Leave the feeble thoughts and rise up with strength, piousness and confidence.

Physical strength is meaningful when it protects you from goons and infirmity. Mental strength is meaningful when it helps you to take right decisions, remain fearless and remain balanced in all circumstances of life. Intellectual strength is useless if you only use it to pile up wealth and lead a selfish life. Intellectual strength is meaningful only when it helps you in gaining the understanding of the supreme truth about the soul (aatma) and the Supreme Self (Param-aatma).

Now the question remains, how does a seeker gain inner strength? In order to gain inner strength, seek the company of pious wise men, listen to their talks, read their books and contemplate on their words of wisdom. By doing yoga, satsang and meditation, you will gain the wholesome strength- physical, mental and intellectual. Because of the lack of inner strength, not only atheist remain unhappy, but even the religious one fails to find the long lasting inner happiness. May God bless you with the inner strength.

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