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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Gratitude brings you peace and inner happiness

Happy moments? ... Praise God.
Difficult moments? ... Worship God.
Painful moments? ... Trust God.Quiet moments? ... Seek God.
Every moment? ... Thank God.

Most of the people resort to the Supreme power during the difficult moments of life. But how many of us praise God during happy moments? The remembrance of God at all the times and the sincere heartfelt gratitude towards God brings you long lasting peace, equanimity and inner fulfillment.

Gratitude brings abundance in all facets of our lives. Being grateful to the creator of this world is the beginning of the dawn of inner joy. Heartfelt gratitude towards the almighty opens doors of unlimited happiness in your heart. When we ignore our blessings and begin to measure ourselves in comparison to others, then only we get caught in the web of desires and eventually, worries. Each one of us has been given so much by the Supreme Being that we cannot express our gratitude in words.

When I was growing up in India and when I looked people stressed out with life all around me, I formed an opinion that may be the people in the poor nations of the world are stressed out because they have to struggle to make both end meet. But it is ironical to see that even the people in the developed countries of the world, are equally stressed out. They also find a long list of ‘not haves’, forgetting about all the ‘haves’. Most of the people are so busy in focusing on their long list of desires that they forget about all the blessings in the present.

The blessings of the Supreme Intelligence are being showered upon all of us, incessantly. We just need the loving pure eyes that are free of all conditioning, to appreciate it. That Supreme Being is working through the nature to orchestrate the beautiful symphony of this world, flawlessly. There is enormous beauty, creativity, deep science, great wonder in every event, in every moment of your life. Every small thing around us, from our complex body to the blade of grass, is a miracle of existence. We just need eyes of divine wisdom to appreciate every moment that is being gifted to us. We just need to practice how to look at things, as if we are looking at them for the first time- just like a child look at ordinary things with a wonder.

How does a true seeker attain such a state of persistent gratitude? Only by seeking true wisdom of the Self, a seeker gain understanding of the Self, the world and the God. This way he or she falls in love with the Supreme Consciousness and begins to remember God at all the times. He begins to praise God during happy moments, trust God during painful moments, seek God during quiet moments and thank God at all the times. Such a seeker begins to experience divine peace and ever lasting inner happiness.

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