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Friday, March 5, 2010

Romancing with life is happiness

Life is like all-knowing affectionate grandma. Sometimes life smiles at you and then, at other times, it makes faces. Sometimes life hugs you with love and then, at other times, it plays naughty pranks on you. Sometimes life kisses you on your cheeks and then, at other times, it pinches you softly and run away laughingly. Life just wants to play with you and wants to romance with you. It doesn’t want to spare you with any dull moments. Life wants you to teach the art of playing with it.

Don’t take life too seriously. Only when you start appreciating life, begin to love it and start playing with it, you will experience a deep and sweet connection with life. This is what I am referring as romance with life.
However, as long as you associate yourself with this body and consider this ever-changing dream like world as truth, you won’t be able to romance with life. It is only after gaining the wisdom of life and the wisdom of the Self, you would be able to romance with life. After becoming aware of your never-changing blissful conscious, you would be able to romance with life. The seeker of happiness should seek the company of those who have learned the art of romancing with life. Listen to their divine blissful talk, and then try to sink it within you with the help of contemplation and meditation. This way you will also begin to romance with life and know the real taste of happiness.

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