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Friday, April 23, 2010

Journey of inner happiness

There is a saying that – ‘you are only as good as the company you keep’. When you enjoy the company of drunkards, you would most likely turn out to be the same. When you enjoy the company of gamblers, you would start gambling as well. Similarly, when you enjoy the company of wise men, the truly happy people, you become the same. Wise is the person who enriches life with the right company – the company of positive and joyful thoughts, the company of wise and truly happy people.

There are three stages of being in the elevating company of true happiness. First stage is when you begin your pursuit of inner happiness:
when you begin reading good scriptures, when you start seeking the company of wise men, when you start listening to the talks of Self realized ones. The more you listen, the more you read, the more eager you become to tread the path of inner happiness, your mind begins to calm and your intellect begins to shine with true wisdom.

Slowly and steadily, your thoughts begin to purify, you start seeking solitude- some time for your own self, the thoughts of what you have read and what you have heard begin to reverberate in your mind. You begin to contemplate about the purpose of life, nature of God or about – ‘who am I’. You begin to meditate. This is the second stage of the company of inner happiness.

Third and highest form of company of Self is when you attain placidity of mind, your intellect becomes purified and you attain complete understanding of your true nature and the nature of the world. You become thoughtless in those moments of peaceful bliss. After attaining such a wonderful stage of true happiness, for as short as three minutes, you become enlightened. After that you become completely fearless, totally peaceful, equanimous and a truly happy being.

This is how your progress on the journey to inner happiness.

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