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Monday, October 17, 2011

Three ways of God realization

To realize the Supreme Truth, the Supreme Consciousness or the God is the highest goal of human life. Those, who yearn for such a blissful realization are the true seekers (irrespective of their religion or background). Such pure hearted beings pursue their seeking in many different ways based on their personality, their experiences, the conditioning of their mind and based on the path followed by their ideals or masters. Broadly, all the different ways of such divine pursuit falls into three different categories.

The first type of seekers give more emphasis to this world and their bodies. Their pursuit consists of performing religious rituals, visiting holy places (chaar dham or Mecca or Jerusalem), taking dip in holy rivers, performing charities or performing other forms of austerities and penances. Many Yogis who emphasis only on the Yogic exercises or Pranayaam ( breathing exercises) for realization of divine inner Truth also falls into this category. Such pious seekers are kind at heart, always willing to help others and seek happiness in happiness of others. This path is also called as Karma-yoga.

The second type of seekers are softer at heart and mostly emotional. Their whole emphasis is on prayers. Their pursuit consists of glorifying God, hearing the holy stories of different avatars of God, singing bhajans (holy songs), doing kirtan in remembrance of God and praying. They experience the divine peace and inner happiness in the divine remembrance of God. This path is also called the Bhakti-Yoga.

The third types of seekers give importance to their viveka (wisdom and the power of discrimination). Such seeker are more inquisitive in nature and usually go into the depth of the subject. Their seeking consists of listening to the talks of the Self realized ones, reading holy scriptures, reflecting on the the divine wisdom in solitude, performing Self analysis and doing meditation. This path is also called the Gyaan-Yoga.

Now if you ask which if this path is the superior one, then you should read my earlier blog - The superior most path of Self realization.

I also want to tell about one more interesting aspect about this topic. One of the seeker went to Shri Yoga Vedanta Ashram in Ahmedavad, India. There he met a saintly person whom everyone call as Doctor Swami. When the same seeker asked him about his opinion about the superior most path of God realization, he answered beautifully. He said, “Look brother, God has gifted us with this beautiful body, so use it for the selfless service of others(Karma-Yoga); God has given us emotions and a heart, so fill it with the love for God (Bhakti-Yoga); At the same time, God has also given us viveka (wisdom and the power of discrimination), so use it for controlling the mind and Self analysis (Gyan-Yoga).

It is my experience also that one cannot separate these paths. One who tread forward on the path of Gyaan Yoga, will have his heart filled with love for God on its own and he won't be able to live without the selfless service to others. Similarly, one who fills his heart with true love of God, the true wisdom of Self will evolve on its own. Only thing that is important is, is to take the first step and begin the wonderful journey of inner peace and happiness.  


  1. Wow this is truly inspirational, I hope you continue posting articles like this!

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