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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Being IN-dependent for true inner happiness

From dawn till dusk, from childhood till death, all the living beings strive for happiness, true long lasting peaceful happiness, but remain unfulfilled. During childhood, the child thinks that he will be happy when he grows up; during school days, the student thinks that he will be happy when he goes to college; During college, the student thinks that he will be happy after getting job; After getting job the young man or woman thinks that he or she will be happy after getting a companion; After getting companion, the couple thinks that they will be happy after building the family and settling down with a lot of wealth.

And then the mid-life crisis begins, when the same being begins to look at the past and thinks that they were happier during the childhood or youth. Now, the fear of mediocre, mundane life and old age grips the mid aged being. Slowly the senility begins to show the signs. And then one day, the poor being end up in unfulfilled state of mind.

Throughout life, people continue to make their happiness dependent either on the future or on the past; on other people around them; on objects and wealth of the world; on the social status; and on million other things around them. But they never search where it is lost. 

The contemporary man keeps on running here and there in search of happiness just like the musk deer which continue to chase for the pleasing scent throughout the life in the forest. But the poor deer doesn't know that the source of the charming scent lies within the center of its own stomach.

Those who found the supreme peace and inner happiness, found it within. Those Self realized saints suggests that instead of being dependent on the outer world for your happiness, one should be independent – IN dependent. Meaning - dependent on the one who is within – your own eternal blissful Consciousness – your own true Self – your own pure Soul. The art of exploring within and becoming IN-dependent is what true spirituality is all about – to look within for ever lasting Supreme peace and highest form of happiness.

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