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Saturday, July 5, 2014

The ultimate question

From childhood only Hanumanji was different than all others of his kind. He was curious and full of questions about the evolution of world, the nature of mind, the true Self and the real God. He used to ask all such kind of questions to his mother all the time – Mother, please tell me where did I come from, what will happen to me after death, how did this world come into being, if there is God why can’t I see it … and on and on ?

Tired of his questions, his mother used to send him to holy Saints who lived in the forest and who used to perform Saadhna towards realizing the true goal of life. Hanumanji used to go to their ashrams and used to pay due respect at the feet of holy Saints. Then he used to serve them selflessly as per their instructions for days, weeks and months. Then, with their permissions he used to ask his deep spiritual questions. The Saints used to answer his questions up to certain extent and then after a while, Hanumanji’s questions used to confuse them as well. The moment Hunumanji used to see a blank face, he used tell them, “Dear Sir, the Saints are supposed to answer all the questions of the common man. If the Saints fail to pacify the spiritual inquiries of a Saadhak, then who else will help them?” After that Hanumanji used to tie the Saints to the tree and then leave. 

Disturbed by his own question, as Hanumanji grew older, he started remaining somewhat disturbed. On his mother’s advice, he started meditation on Lord Shivji. After few days of penance, Lord Shivji appeared in the form on which Hanumanji was meditating upon. The omnipresent God who has manifested this world can appear in any form for fulfilling the deep rooted wish of His true devotees.

Hanumanji opened his eyes when he heard these words, “Wake Up Hanuman, I have come to fulfill your wish.”

With his eyes filled with tears of happiness, Hanumanji opened his heart in front of Shivji, “Dear Lord, please tell me where am I lacking. Why my mind keeps me so restless with all these questions? How can I pacify my restless mind?”

With a smile of his face, Shivji replied, “Dear Hanuman, I am here to help you. Please ask me what all questions you have. Please begin with the ultimate question that you have.”

“Dear Lord, what is the goal of my life? Why did I come to this earth?”

“Is that your ultimate question? Please go a little deeper and tell me whose goal of life are you asking about?  Tell me who are you?”

“Dear Lord, I am Hanuman.”

“I didn’t ask the name of this body that is given by someone else. Please tell me – who are you?”
Puzzled Hanumanji kept silent for a moment and then said, “Dear Lord, I am son of Anjani and Kesari.”

“I didn’t ask about your clan. Please tell me who you are.”

“Dear Lord, I am a monkey.”

“Hanuman, I didn’t ask your species. First tell me who are you and then only I can answer your question. Please dig deep into your ultimate question – Who am I? If you find answer to this question, all of your questions will be answered on its own. Rest of your questions will dissolve in that Supreme realization of the Self.”

After that Shivji guided Hanumanji to get initial spiritual wisdom from Sun God. Eventually, Hanumanji succeeded in the realization of the Self and even today he is worshipped by millions of devotees.  

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