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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Tree of Life

A lot of Saints describe the beautiful analogy of human life with a tree. When we look around, we find that there are people who are strong and stay steady in all the circumstances of life. Those are the people who also contribute to the welfare of others and the society as a whole. While there are others who are flimsy and emotional. They can be shattered by minor adversities. They always seek help of others.

Let’s see the similarities between a tree and the human life. The strength and sturdiness of a tree is dependent on the depth of its roots. Deeper are the roots, healthier is the tree. Roots symbolizes the spiritual depth of a being. One who remains in solitude for a few moments on regular basis while contemplating on the Self. One who meditates on the inner realms while enjoying the bliss and peacefulness of the consciousness, surely has deep and strong roots. The superficial people, who remains distant from the spiritual Truth, who are always restless while seeking the momentary pleasures of the world, have very shallow roots.

Stem of the tree symbolizes the health. If the roots are deep and healthy, chances are that stem will also be strong and healthy. Just like the stem of the tree has many layers, human health also has many layers – starting with the mental health, to the health of the pranamay kosha  (the breathing body) and the physical health. A true seeker do physical aasana and exercises for the wellbeing of the physical body, pranayama for the welfare of the pranamay kosha and meditation for the health of the mind.

A tree with deep roots and healthy stem blossom with leaves and flowers. It gives shade to the travelers and fragrance to the environment all around it. Eventually it offer its sweet fruit to others. Similarly, a well-developed saintly being bless everything and every being around him with a divine peace and blissfulness.

Only if a tree is healthy and strong, it can give the shade and its fruits to others. With this fact in mind, a seeker concentrate on building a strong personality with deep spiritual roots and healthy stem. A true seeker knows that the green leaves for giving shade and the sweet fruits for others will come on its own as long as the strong tree like personality is maintained.

There are numerous examples around us. Mahatma Gandhi was having deep spiritual roots and hence, with his strong personality, he gave the fruits of his wisdom and leadership to the people of India. Albert Einstein used to meditate every day and that is how he was able to bring out the deep rooted scientific truths to the table. There are numerous saintly selfless people like Mother Teresa who contributed immensely to the society because of their own strength that came from their deep spiritual roots. 

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