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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Purity of antah karan or inner senses

The Rishis of India have defined many kinds of meditation suiting different personalities. Deep concentrated contemplation is also a form of meditation that is suggested for the intellectual kind of seekers who give importance to logic and understanding. Such seekers read holy scriptures and listen to the talks of Saints till the time something touches them deeply and then, they sit in the contemplation of the deep meaning behind those words.

Shabdaà  -->  Arthaà  --> Tatvaà

Shravanaà  --> Mananaà  --> Nityadhyasanaà

By delving deep into the artha (meaning and purport) of the shabda(words) , such seekers dive into the realm of Tatva. Fortunate are those who tread this form of spiritual journey. For such seekers, here is a deep thought of spiritual wisdom.

A seeker once asked Swami Ramsukhdasji, “Swamiji, all our rituals and religious scriptures are focused on the purification of antha karna (inner senses – mind, intellect, chita and ego). Is the purity of inner senses (antha-karna) essential for the realization of the Tatva?”

Very deep question and the answer was even deeper. Only a Tatva Gyani can give such a revolutionary answer. The answer that might offend many bhakti Pradhan (devotional) seekers.

Swamiji said, “No, the purity of inner senses is not essential for the realization of Tatva.”

Other seekers listening to this conversation requested Swamiji to explain it further.

“According to the Kriya Sidhant (principle of action), there is a Kaaran(cause), Karan(instrument) and Kriya (action). The purification of Karan (including antah-karan) will only lead to the purification of the Kriya – but it will not lead to the realization of the cause. The cause remains as is – The Tatva is ever present and remains as is. The realization of Tatva is not dependent on the purification of Karan. Only a deep interest, a staunch eagerness and a restless inquisitiveness will lead to the Tatva. This is the only requirement. If you have eagerness and interest to know the Tatva, then that itself means that your Antha-karan is pure enough to qualify for that realization. Karan (instrument) is not responsible for realization of Tatva. Tatva is realized by the Tatva, pure divine consciousness within us. And when that happens- antah-karan (inner senses) becomes pure by itself. It becomes immersed in the deep divine peacefulness, completeness and the blissfulness of the ever present Tatva.”

This is a deep spiritual wisdom and not easy to comprehend by this materialistic intellect. Another analogy comes to my mind. In every electric machine – there is a cause (the electricity), the instrument (let’s say the refrigerator) and the Kriya (the action of cooling). No matter how much you improve the design of the refrigerator, it will only lead to the better quality of cooling. But the cause, the electricity remains as is. Enjoying the coolness of the refrigerator is one aspect, but the realization of the divine powers of electricity is a totally different aspect – beyond the capacity of the refrigerator.

This is based on the Vrindavan satsang of Swami Ramsukhdasji on November 1st, 1993. 


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