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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Natural means of a healthy body and happy mind

A seeker of true happiness treats the body as a temple of the divine spirit. A healthy body helps in keeping the mind happy and a healthy mind keeps the body healthy. Along with this, a healthy body and a happy mind, together helps the being to realize the divinity within.

God has provided us with a lot of natural means to keep the sanctity of this bodily temple. The body is made up of five basic elements – earth, ether, water, fire and space. The sages of India realized thousands of years ago that by maintaining the proper balance of these five basic elements, one can live a healthy and happy life. Let’s analyze how easily we can make use of these natural health tips for leading a happy life.

1. Ether: Ample amount of oxygen plays an important role in maintaining the health of your bodily cells. Morning walk in the fresh air not only rejuvenate you from inside-out, but also shield you from many forms of common ailments. If you inhale ample amount of fresh air during the early morning hours, not only your body gain strength, but you’re your mind becomes peaceful and your heart begins to sing.

2. Water: Water is the next important constituent of your body. Ample amount of water helps in the proper blood circulation throughout your body. One who drinks a glass full of water before sun rise are not affected by the common ailments and senility. You can drink a little amount of warm water with food, but you shouldn’t drink water when you are hungry. Ample amount of water flushes your body of the toxic remains of the food.

3. Food: The type of food that you eat not only affects your body, but also your mind and its thoughts. To gain inner peace and to maintain constant flow of pious thoughts, one should eat pure vegetarian food that is easy to digest and nutritious. One should pray to God with gratitude before the food and remain silent while eating the food. Such pious eating habit strengthens your body, improves your digestive power, brings contentment, longer your life and keeps you healthy.

4. Sun: Sun is the primary source of life, energy and immunity. Sun light not only provides you with vitamin D, but also kills harmful bacteria. One should spend at least ten minutes in the sunlight daily, preferable during early morning hours. While taking sun bath, one should make sure that the naval area is exposed to sunlight and the head is covered.

5. Fasting: Fasting is vey beneficial for your health. Fasting flushes your body of the toxic remains of food and reinvigorates your digestive system. These leftovers are called ‘aam’ in Ayurveda and are considered to be the root cause of all the bodily ailments. It makes you feel light and reinvigorates your bodily cells. When you are sick, fasting allows your conscious energy to focus on relieving the root cause of sickness, instead of wasting energy on digesting the food.

6. Exercise: Exercise helps you to get rid of the lethargy and at the same time, improves your energy, strength and ability. Exercise helps in keeping god balance of all the basic elements of your body and thereby, enhances your digestive power, improves the quality of your sleep. Along with the slow Yogic exercises, one should try to keep the balance of fast aerobic exercises and the breathing exercises ( Pranayam).

7. Thoughts: The thoughts of the mind have direct affect on your body. Your will-power and the pious thoughts go a long way for relieving your body of all kinds of ailments. Adverse thoughts not only malign the peace of your mind, but also carry negative impact on your health. Pious and happy thoughts carry powerful life energy. To remain healthy, one should try to remain peaceful, cheerful and contended.

8. Sleep: For keeping a good health, adequate amount of sleep plays an important role. By going to bed at proper time regularly, your body gets proper rest and keeps a good balance of bodily elements. One should not sleep with covered face or improper bodily posture. One should pray to God in gratitude before going to bed. With the help of good sleeping habits, one improves the digestive power, bodily strength, peace of mind and cheerfulness.

With the help of these eight natural means, the seeker of true happiness can maintain a healthy body and a pious mind. With the help of a healthy body and a cheerful mind, the seeker of true happiness continues to make progress on the path of realizing the divinity within.