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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Treat your stay in this world like a hotel

Saints are filled with compassion and always try to give easy keys to open the inner locks. A holy Baba visited a village and villagers offered him to live in a Dharamshala (olden day’s hotel). That evening all the villagers gathered around the holy Baba with an expectation to hear a few words of wisdom.

Pleased with the service and love offered by the villagers, the holy Baba said, “Let me give you an easy key that will help you alleviate your seeking to next level and will enhance inner peace.”

The villagers sat down quietly and with inquisitive ears started listening to the Saint. Baba said, “Treat this world as if you are visiting a huge endless hotel and you are renting it for a short while. One day, we all have to leave everything and move on. While living in this hotel, we can make use of all the facilities with gratitude, but nothing belongs to us. We cannot even carry a small needle with us to the next journey. We can mingle with other companions, but always remember that they are also the travelers like us. We are staying together for a short life, and then everyone will move on to their own journey.”

“With this attitude of mind, it will be very easy for you to not getting attached with the material belongings and with the people around you. The attachment with material belongings is the cause of ego and anxiety. Similarly the attachment with other fellow humans around us is Moha – is the cause of worries and restlessness. If you remember this fact of short hotel visit, it will become easy for you to acquire the art of detachment that is described in Srimad Bhagwad Gita. With this detachment, a divine peace will fill your heart consistently, all the time. Your worries will evaporate when you actually realize that every difficult moment in this short human life is temporary only. This is such an easy key that anyone can make use of it for attaining inner peace and everlasting happiness”

Baba continued after a brief pause, “While living in the temporary world, as a traveler, we should also remember that this is our precious chance to find the true address of our real home. We can make our journey successful only in the human life that is blessed with intelligence capable of performing deep Self analysis. By treading the path of Yoga, Pranayama and meditation, one can make good use of all the divine resources gifted to us in this human life. By reading good scriptures, listening to living Saints, and by performing deep inner exploration during meditation, we can experience the presence of the Divine deep within our heart. Human journey is called successful only when you can find the real address of your Atma (soul) and attain a state of deep peaceful divine bliss while living.” 


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