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Saturday, March 18, 2017

For a true seeker, it’s light everywhere!

“Dear Sir, please guide us so that we can also see the divine presence of the almighty everywhere, just like you,” requested a seeker.

With a pleasant smile on his face, the holy man started with a short story, “It was dawn and darkness was about to engulf every corner of the house. The master of the house called the servant, Ramu and instructed, 
“just go with these lanterns in every corner of the house and place it where ever you see the dark.” Ramu placed the lantern on his head and went from room to room and returned after a while. “Sir, there is no corner in the house with darkness. The whole house is already lighted up.”

“Similarly, son, the true seeker can see the presence of divine in each and every being while carrying the lantern of divine inner wisdom. Because of the presence of the lighted intellect, a true seeker never judges others. In fact, he tries to see the presence of divine, positive qualities in others.”

Sab jag Ishwar roop hai, bhala bura nahi koi I
Jaisi jiski bhavna, tesa hi fal hoi II

Whole world is manifestation of the God, there is no good no bad, 
As is your attitude, so is the results of your actions (on your inner existence).

“This world is not good or bad. How this world appears to you depends on the type of glasses that you are wearing. With the glasses that are lighted with the divine inner wisdom, this whole world appears to be the wonderful manifestation of that non-dual Sat-chida-nanda Supreme Parmatma.”

After a brief pause, the holy man said, “let me tell you another short story from Mahabharata.  During the ashram days of the princes, Guru Dronacharya once asked Duruyodhana to go visit the nearby village, observe for whole day and report on all the pious people that live in the village. Duruyodhna spent the whole day in the village and returned late evening to report that there are no pious people living in the village. Duruyodhna reported that whole village is filled with evil, selfish and restless people.”

“Next day Guru Dronacharya sent Yudhistra to the same village with the same task. After returning from the same village, Yudhistra reported that everyone living in the village is selfless, pious and God loving. Whole village is like a heaven on earth.” 


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